Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect during my homeowner orientation?
Your orientation will typically be approximately 45-60 minutes; a Homeowner Care Representative for the developer will meet you at a designated meeting spot and will review a number of items with you during this appointment, including a review of your New Home Warranty, education on the best way to maintain your home and also allow you to familiarize yourself with the features and operating systems within it (electrical systems, kitchen and laundry appliances, climate control systems, etc.). Please note the attendance of your Homeowner Orientation is limited to no more than three persons, and no children will be permitted to attend the appointment. There may also be safety precautions to be considered, depending on the state of the construction site.
How can I gain access to my purchase contract and documents?
You may access your Contract of Purchase and Sale, and all other documents such as your deposit receipts, at any time via the following link to our online platform Avesdo: https://www.avesdo.net/Account/SelectDeveloper. Please take this opportunity to review your profile and ensure that there are no documents pending your review and signature. All documents are to be finalized prior to completion.
Are "Possession Dates" different than "Completion Dates"?
Yes. The Completion Date is the day on which the legal transfer of your new home occurs, documentation is registered in the Lower Mainland Land Title Office, and the sale proceeds are paid to the Vendor. The Possession Date is the day on which you take actual possession of your new home, provided that the Vendor's lawyer has received the transfer of funds on the Completion Date. The Possession Date typically occurs on the day immediately following your Completion Date.
What should I do if I have a conflict with the Completion Date you've provided me?
Once you receive your official Notice of Completion, if you believe there is a conflict, you should immediately contact your legal representative. They will, in turn, contact the Vendor’s lawyer, to review whether or not any alternative options are available. Please be advised, however, that changing the Completion Date may not be a possibility. In the case the Completion Date cannot be changed, speak with your legal representative about allowing for a power of attorney to complete the documents necessary for the purchase of your home.
When will I get my keys?
Your keys will be available for pickup on the Possession Date, typically the day following the Completion Date. If you are unable to pick up your keys on the scheduled date and time, please make alternative arrangements to have someone pick up your keys on your behalf. Please note we will require a letter of authorization from you authorizing the appointed individual to pick up your keys on your behalf. The individual appointed will be required to provide picture identification for verification. Please note that keys will not be release prior to the Possession Date.
When can I schedule my move-in date?
Your move-in appointment cannot be booked prior to the confirmation of the Possession Date. All move-in times are to be scheduled, typically via the property management company. The property management company name and contact will be provided to you prior to the Completion Date.
Can I delay my move-in until I am ready to move out of my current home?
Yes, you can choose to move whenever is convenient for you. We do however, request that you pick up your keys on the possession date as scheduled.
I am currently renting somewhere else. When can I give my notice?
We are unable to advise you in this matter, other than to say that if you do give notice to your present landlord and your current lease/tenancy terminates before your new home is ready, you will be responsible for any interim accommodation and all associated costs (i.e. moving costs, storage, etc.) until you take possession of your new home.
What is the building address?
MLA Customer Care can provide you with the most current civic address anticipated for the development. Please note that the civic address is subject to change and will be confirmed in the Notice of Completion.
What is required of the developer during the closing process?

As you prepare to move into your new home, the developer is registering the Strata Plan with the Lower Mainland Land Titles Office in order to transfer title to your unit to you. Before a Strata Plan can be registered, the local municipality must evaluate the Strata Plan, inspect the property and approve the Strata Plan. This step is beyond the control of the developer and can take some time.

Assuming that the municipality has approved the Strata Plan without requiring changes to it and that all the municipal requirements are met, the developer can then proceed to submit the approved Strata Plan to the Lower Mainland Land Titles Office for registration.

Regardless of any informal discussions about the Completion Date and Possession Date between you, the developer, or MLA Canada, the Notice of Completion and subsequent confirmation of the Possession Date will officially and formally specify the date for completing your purchase and the date on which you can obtain keys to your home. Please note that you are required to complete the purchase of your new home on the date specified in your Notice of Completion.

To complete or “close” the purchase, a number of steps need to be accomplished after the Strata Plan is registered with the Lower Mainland Land Titles Office.

If you are obtaining a mortgage loan, the lawyer handling your purchase must see to it that the mortgage is registered on title so that the lender has a legal claim on the property (until such time the mortgage loan is paid back). After the mortgage is registered on title, the mortgage funds can be advanced by the lender and placed into the lawyer’s trust account. From there, the lawyer is responsible for disbursing the appropriate funds to the developer’s lawyer.